content marketing not working

5 reasons your content marketing sucks

Content strategy is about more than just blogging once a week. I recognise that not all companies have the same budget as Coca-Cola for their content strategy. But there is still so much you can do on a shoestring budget. In an ideal world, every company would take the time […]

copify professional status

Is Copify Professional Status Worth It?

I’ve shared my thoughts on Copify in the past. It’s not the best thing for the writing profession, but it’s good to know that there’s always work available. Just don’t rely on it for full-time income. Maybe I’m part of the problem, and I’m driving down the price of copywriting, […]

The PeoplePerHour Spam Problem

Does PeoplePerHour Have A Spam Problem?

It’s not often that I have a slow month, but when I do, I often head to places like PeoplePerHour to pick up some extra work. I joined the site in 2011 and have found some interesting projects using the service. In the early days, the site was far more […]

blogging every day experiment

What impact will blogging every day have on my website traffic?

My professional website often gets neglected. For this reason, I’ve decided to dedicate the next 28 days to a little experiment. What would happen to my website traffic if I blogged every single day? From 2,000-word behemoth blog posts to short and snappy updates, I want to see what this […]

How To Write Meta Titles & Descriptions for SEO

How do I write meta titles and descriptions for SEO?

This is a question I hear a lot from clients and those new to SEO. The simple answer is that you don’t write meta titles and descriptions for SEO, you write them for people. In many cases, your meta title and description is the first encounter a visitor has with […]

How to see which Facebook advertisers have your info

How to see which Facebook advertisers have your info

Have you ever wondered which Facebook advertisers have your information like your email address and phone number? If you know where to look, you can find this information and even block adverts from these companies. Facebook allows advertisers to target people in a number of different ways. Advertisers can choose […]

How To Apply For Freelance Jobs

How To Apply For Freelance Jobs (And Get Them)

One time I sent my CV to a prospective client. My CV! Let that sink in a moment. They weren’t looking for a full-time employee, they wanted a freelancer to help them cope with extra work. So by sending my CV, I set myself up for failure. Not surprising, I […]

how to invoice a company for freelance work

How To Invoice A Company For Freelance Work

You’ve landed a client, done an amazing job on the project, handed over the final work and then…. nothing. They’re waiting for you to invoice them and you haven’t got a clue how to invoice a company for freelance work. Trust me, I’ve been there. As someone who was once […]

benefits of hiring a freelancer

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Freelancer?

What are the benefits of hiring a freelancer? And how can businesses make the most out of their relationships with freelancers? In this article, I share my experiences of working as a freelancer and explain why I believe the benefits of hiring a freelancer far outweigh the disadvantages. Did you […]