Where I Found My Last 5 Freelance Content Writing Jobs

Where I Found My Last 5 Freelance Content Writing Jobs

My first ever content writing job paid about $40. I was hired to write the Q&A section of a cigar humidor website. The pay was terrible, but it was my way of getting my foot in the door of the freelance writing industry. And now I know the solution for […]

Youve got this – living as a freelancer

Tips for Budgeting and Making a Living as a Freelancer

If you’re used to the regularity of a monthly paycheque, then freelancing might come as a shock to the system. Making a living as a freelancer is just the tip of the iceberg. You also need to keep track of things like business expenses and take care of your taxes. […]

becoming a freelance writer

The Steps To Becoming A Freelance Writer

Unlike most freelance writers, I didn’t start my business alongside a full-time job. I didn’t have the security of being able to test the water from a safe distance. The first time I started up as a freelance writer, I was living in Portugal and not entirely sure how I would […]

Winning Clients The Easy Way: With Bidsketch

My biggest concern being a solo freelancer is that I won’t be taken seriously. Putting yourself out there with big clients is daunting, which is why I’m almost obsessive about the documents I send to clients. In the past, I was piecing together proposals in Powerpoint presentations and sending out […]

Copify Review

Should I Be Using Copify? A Copify Review For New Freelance Writers

Establishing yourself as a freelance writer is hard. You know that you can write, but convincing other people that they should pay you for your skills is an interesting challenge. A lot of freelancers fall into the trap of working for free, just to get a couple of bylines. But if […]

how to write great content for your website

How To Write Great Content For Your Website

What even is content? It’s the pesky words on your site that tell potential customers what you do. It’s also the pesky words that tell search engines what you do. Without content, no one will be able to find you. If you found this article on Google, it’s likely that you […]

5 Things to Think About When Creating a Small Business

Many people dream of owning their own business. You get to be your own boss, you get to call the shots, and you can increase your earning potential like never before. That said, creating a small business is a lot of work. You’ll have to put in extra hours. You’ll […]