Copywriting is probably one of the most misunderstood and undervalued branches of marketing.

Good copywriting doesn’t just happen overnight. It isn’t something that should be left to chance, or Greg the developer (sorry, Greg!). As a marketing copywriter, I understand that good marketing copy is about more than just the right choice of words on a page. It can help to shape the customer journey, inspire confidence and dictate the feelings your audience have about your brand. There is also a highly technical side to copywriting that intertwines with SEO.

Why hire a freelance marketing copywriter?

This came as a bit of a shock to me, but not everyone enjoys writing. If this sounds like you, then you need to outsource your marketing copy. I’ve seen countless marketing managers tie themselves in knots trying to perfect their website copy. It can waste a lot of time and result in something that is just average. Don’t settle for average copywriting, outsource it!

marketing copywriter

Do you offer email copywriting?

Absolutely! I can help with email copywriting, social media, website copy and product descriptions. Whatever your goals, whether it’s search engine optimisation or increased conversions, I can help to find the right words for your company.

Full-service SEO Content Writer

I’ve worked in SEO for over three years, so I know my way around keyword research and content optimisation. As an experienced SEO content writer, I can follow your SEO strategy or advise on missed opportunities. I can also assist with articles for outreach or your own SEO optimised blog.

Aren’t marketing copywriters expensive?

They can be, but I’m not. I offer very reasonable rates based on the time it takes me to complete the work. This means I won’t add a zero to your quote just because you’re from a big company.