Laura Howarth Freelance Writer


I'm Laura Howarth. I’m a copywriter and digital marketing consultant based in Manchester, UK.

But that doesn’t really tell you much about me.

I’m an overthinker, a music lover, a left fielder and my drink of choice is a dirty martini. But I’ll also take a glass of wine or a margarita if it’s going. Leave me in charge of the take out and we’re getting tacos or Indian.

What do I do?

I specialise in website copywriting servicesmarketing copywriting and blog strategy. I’m also experienced in SEO, which means I know how to get your content noticed.

I’ve always been very passionate about the clients I help and take a great deal of pride in my work. If you’re interested in discussing your next project with me, get in touch for an informal consultation.

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What's with the business name?

In baseball (and softball), the player in left field has the furthest to throw to first base to get the batter out. For a ball to come ‘out of left field’ is pretty unusual. This is where the idea for my company name came from. Good copywriting should always knock you sideways and make you sit up and pay attention. Cookie cutter nonsense will never get you far. Instead, you should aim to rocket something out of left field.

It’s also very fitting at my personal side hustle is softball-related. I run side business called The Pop Up Batting Cage. My mobile batting cage is available for team training, parties and corporate events.